Announcement on Invitation for Bidding “To purchase IT equipment for Movitel”

post 28.05.2024 of Tender offer

- Request Party: Movitel, SA.

 - Reference number of Request for Proposal (RFP): 10/2024/MVT-IT - “To purchase IT equipment for Movitel”

-  Supplier selection method: Open Bidding in accordance with Movitel’s Procurement Regulations.

 - Publishing period for Request for Proposal: from May 28th, 2024 to 10:00AM, June 6th, 2024 (Mozambique time).

- Place for receiving Request for Proposal: Investment & Procurment Dept. – Movitel, SA – Rua Dos Desportistas, No. 691, JAT VI-1 Building, 12th floor, Maputo, Mozambique or via email

- Submitting Bidding Proposal by email to:;;;;;;

- Deadline for submitting the Bidding Proposal: before 10h00, June 6th, 2024 (Mozambique time). Proposal documents (PD) in PDF file will be sent via email, the quotation file and Application letter will be set with password, password will be sent during 10h00-10h10 June 6th, 2024 (Mozambique time). The submission of proposal documents that arrives after the deadline of submission shall be considered invalid and shall be rejected.

- RFP selling price: Free of charge.

The Bidding Proposal dossier shall be opened in public from 10h15, June 6th, 2024  (Mozambique time), at Investment & Procurement Dept. – Movitel, SA – Rua Dos Desportistas, No. 691, JAT VI-1 Building, 12nd floor, Maputo, Mozambique.

Movitel, SA would like to invite representative of suppliers to participate.

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