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post 15.03.2015 of Brand Corner

Brand name

Going from the simple Mozambicans’ dreams of a brighter future, Movitel is committed to becoming a Mozambican leading telecommunication company, and offering better tomorrow for every Mozambican. The brand name Movitel is the combination of the words "Movement" and "Telecom" - alluding to a telecommunication company that always moves forward. Only by always creating and changing to adapt, can Movitel move forward with all Mozambicans, reaching out to a bright future.


Orange logo is composed of brand name “Movitel” with 5 sunlights spread out the side. These lines are stylized image of a rising sun on the emblem of Mozambique, and they can also be understood as the telecommunications waves are spreading, like the sun. The sun is the symbol for a better tomorrow, and the sun is for everyone, regardless wealth gap.

Letter M is highlighted in the logo, because M can be understood as the first letter in the name of country - Mozambique or company name - Movitel. The logo is used  strong font express the company's steady, reliable. With this, Movitel reaffirmed their commitment to become a leading telecommunications company of Mozambique, brings a better tomorrow for all people. The main color is orange, was inspired by the works of artist Pancho Guedes, who created popular architecture of Mozambique. Orange is the color of vibrant, contrasting and optimistic


Movitel will supply the best telecommunications services to citizens, whether they are anywhere in the country of Mozambique.

The message of Movitel - "Wherever" - Movitel will appear everywhere, always by client’s side. With a network of nationwide coverage and its sales system, customers can easily found Movitel when they need it.

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