Viettel Group is currently the largest telecommunications group in Vietnam with 76 million customers. The group consists of more than 20 subsidiary companies running different types of business including telecom, investment, real estates, foreign trade and technical services.

In 2014, Viettel Group reached US$9.8 billion revenue and US$2 billion profit, ranking among the top largest enterprises of Vietnam in term of revenue.


In 2006, Viettel Group decided to extend its business to overseas looking for more potential markets. Viettel Global was established October 2006 with a vision and responsibility of turning Viettel into a strong telecommunications group on international stage.

After 9 years of development, Viettel Global is one of the biggest Vietnamese overseas investors. It is now operating 9 telecommunications companies in 9 countries across Asia, Africa and Asia with total population of over 175 millions and 13 million customers. Its total revenue for 2014 was US$1.2 billion.

We embrace a sustainable investment strategy that balances the benefits of corporate, governments, the people and customers. We invest in strong network infrastructure covering nationwide and widespread supplying chain to every village so that our services are accessible to all people in those countries regardless of their locations and income conditions. Besides, thanks to the long-term experience from operating telecom business in Vietnam and firm financial foundation of Viettel Group, we can master and apply the latest technology and diversify our services.

Viettel Global is proving its competences through the success of its subsidiaries when most of them taking the leading positions in their national telecom markets in term of subscribers/ revenue/ infrastructure, for instance, Metfone in Cambodia, Telemor in Timor-Leste or Movitel in Mozambique.

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