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Regarding the tender for the 700 MHz band summoned by ProInversión, Bitel decided to not participate on the bidding. They decided to provide the 4G LTE services by using their current bands 900 MHz and 1900 MHz, announced CEO Mr. Tao Duc Thang.

Consider that unlike other operators primarily offering mobile services on 2G and then 3G/4G technology, Bitel started operations with 3G-only technology to pioneer in providing advanced and affordable mobile services to every Peruvian in national wide, especially high-speed mobile broadband internet. With this technology, it makes more efficient the usage of current bands and allows deploying 4G LTE technology in the same bands with less investment. “Our current 3G-only technology enables high efficient bands usage. Thus, we have the necessary infrastructure and adequate spectrum to provide good services in both 3G and 4G. ” indicated Bitel CEO.

Bitel points out that this decision was not only to optimize the investment, but was also with the intention to continue with the high quality service at very competitive and affordable rates for all Peruvians.

To date, Bitel´s Infrastructure has more than 2,800 antennas and more than 20,000 km of Optical Fiber deployed, covering 85% of the population and with the advantage of the great coverage of the 900 MHz band and the great capacity of the 1900 MHz band, for which Bitel is fully prepared to officially launch its expected 4G LTE service before the end of the year.

Remember that Bitel began operations in October 2014 and has been a heavy promoter of the increase of use of internet data in coverage in areas where 3G technologies did not reached yet, and currently has over 1.7 million subscribers. A recent survey has revealed that 89% of Bitel customers are very satisfied with their mobile Internet service.

Network capacity of Peru operators where Bitel has the same with Movistar and Claro

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