Nearly 300 Schools got the free Internet connections by Metfone

post 04.11.2017 of CSR projects

August 2017, After signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for developing and supplying internet services in schools nationwide, Metfone has already connected and installed the internet with nearly 300 schools.

With a vision to helping the education sector, especially ICT and the Internet, the Metfone company will provide high-speed Internet access services free of charge in public schools, teacher training institutions, state teachers, and national and sub-national education administration units across the country.



At a meeting between Metfone representatives and officer of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, both sides expressed their appreciation for Metfone's efforts as well as close cooperation from the ministry to speed up the connection. The results of 291 schools have already completed the internet connection.

3000 schools across the country will be connected to the Internet to allow teachers and students to research to develop e-learning. Metfone's new initiative recognizes as a leading telecommunication company that has a strong vision of investing in education, bringing the world's most advanced technology to Cambodia and providing a great opportunity for new generation of Cambodian youths to become the future leaders of Cambodia to achieve their potential.

The project is a huge mission for devolving the education in Cambodia was collaboration between Metfone and the Government to promote student research across Cambodia to learn more about the Internet. The installation and connection are also ongoing in all local schools in response to the commitment between Metfone.

This program is start of the use of information technology to pave the way toward a bright future. More than 1 million students, and teachers will benefit from this program.

At the Memorandum of Understanding in 2016, Metfone Chief Executive Officer Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nhuong said, Metfone will strive to join the Government in developing and promoting the education sector in Cambodia and will try to expand the internet in schools across the country as soon as possible.

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