Thousands attends Halotel’s back to University Concert

post 07.12.2017 of CSR projects

Halotel the most popular mobile network to college and University students has brought entertainment to university students at Dar es Salaam College through its biggest concert “Halotel Freshers” held at Mabibo's Hostel Stadium in Dar es Salaam and attended by 7.000 students.


The entertainment festival was celebrated by various entertainment from the bongo fleet Dully Sykes and Stamina, and various games were also dominated by prominent people who came to speak with students about how to identify themselves in solving different challenges while in school but also how to prepare after graduate of their education and self-employed education.


Bonanza started early in the morning where students could participate in various games such as football matches, Netball Soccer and Running and the other, where various faculties at the University were able to compete and make it  a state of culture for Students to play games and promote their talent.



Speaking of the concert at the Halotel Communications Center, Mr Mhina Semwenda said the festival aims to strengthen the relationship between Halotel and university students. From our web site, we have been committed to ensuring that we improve communication in the country, but in a very special way. We’ve been offering special, better and more affordable services to students because we know the great need for communication and internet for students in their learning life said Mr. Semwenda.

In terms of the people involved in the Halotel fresher’s Bonanza who went through the college, including the Author of the books in the country where Mr. Constantine Magavila spoke to students about entrepreneurship and having the courage to dare to try other things while in school environment. He also gave them the key to self-awareness and willingness to learn, to be able to persuade and self-trust.



In the event of Stamina and Dully Sykes on the platform they used about 2 hours to scatter the hearts of their fans where they sang and danced with them as well as showing their dance skills.

For his part, the University of Dar es Salaam University Educational Student, Mr David Mabina, thanked Halotel Company for performing the concert festival. We are very grateful for Halotel for performing this concert festival, and as you see students have gained learning and enjoyment but also sharing ideas concluded Mabina.


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