Software N-office of Viettel exported to Haiti

post 03.11.2017 of VTG in News

The Hanoitimes - Viettel will implement the document management software called N-Office developed by the company for the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication of Haiti through its branch Natcom with a deal up to 60,000 USD.

This is the first project between Natcom and Haiti government, as such, it has laid the foundation for Natcom to access projects related to e-government in Haiti’s market. Previously, after many times of piloting and demo introduction, in September, with the permission of the Haiti Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication, Natcom has implemented the document management software called N-Office for the ministry to improve productivity. 


Minister of MTPTC Fritz Caillot and Natcom's CEO Ha The Duong


Minister of the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication Fritz Caillot said: “we are very interested in applying information & technology (IT) into work improvement. After Natcom’s piloting N-Office for the Ministry, all staffs are very satisfied with the simplicity and easy to use of the software, especially it can help us saving time and expense in work”.  According to the General Director of Natcom Ha The Duong, Natcom is committed to continue accompanying Haiti in providing system and management software to develop projects related to e-government at this country. The project N-Office between Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication and Natcom is evident to the start of cooperation between Natcom and Haiti’s government. This also proved the vision of Viettel in establishing smart society, especially at developing countries where Viettel is present. The document management software N-Office is a new version of software V-Office, which has been upgraded and optimized in related to language and functions by Natcom to be suitable for administrative agencies’ operation under Haiti government. The document management software will provide a complete solution for agencies under the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication of Haiti in sending – receiving document, reporting within the system quickly, accurately, as well as to save time and other expenses. 

“Viettel has been accompanied with Haiti’s people when the country was still poor and faced difficulties after the historic earthquake in 2010. After 6 years of operation, Natcom has brought Haiti into one of the leading countries in Carribean region with regard to the IT infrastructure and providing with full services of basic telecommunication, increasing the rate of smart phone use at Haiti to 2.5 times. Natcom will continue accompanying Haiti government and is willing to provide technical assistances with regard to the software to the Ministry anytime” – Mr. Ha The Duong said. 


NATCOM is accounting for 30% mobile market share with 1.5 million subscribers in Haiti.

The project N-Office implemented by Natcom for Haiti government can be seen as another successful story after V-Office, which has been implemented at Nam Dinh province and received positive review from the Municipal People’s Committee. This has proved that Viettel can provide not only telecommunication services, but also software to international markets. In addition to Natcom, other Viettel’s branches in the world have been operating in fields of infrastructure investment, telecommunication network expansion, providing solutions for telecommunication and IT for governments, especially in fields of e-government, one of Viettel’s advantages. For example, Viettel’s brand Movitel has become official partner of the National Communications Institute of Mozambique, of which public works are accessible to 100% Mozambique’s people. Other branches of Viettel worth mentioning are Star Telecom in Laos and Viettel Timor Leste (Telemor) in Timor Leste. 

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