Ending ceremony of Vietnamese language course for Mozambican staffs

post 09.03.2015 of VTG news

On May 24, 2014, Movitel, SA organized an ending ceremony of the Vietnamese language course for Mozambican staffs from 12 Branches of the country. Attendees were staffs who were previously sent to Vietnam to learn Vietnamese in 3 months and had basic knowledge of Vietnamese. The course, taking place in 20 days, were conducted by teachers who are Vietnamese PhD. who are working in universities in Mozambique. Attendees were able to review communications skills using Vietnamese and Viettel’s cultures and working fashion which they were trained by Viettellers 2 years ago in Vietnam. Apart from that, they were also trained of overview and professional technical and business terms etc.

After the course, the staffs would be appointed to the position of Vice Manager of Administration and Planning Department or Chief of Administration Division of Branches. They would support the Directors of Branches in internal and external affairs of the Branches, translation and transmission of content of policies and services etc. from the Company to Branches and Districts promptly.

This training course was an activity of gratefulness towards the very first Mozambicans of Movitel to recognize their contribution to the development of the Company.

This activity was among a series of activities of the program to transfer the work force from Vietnamese to Mozambican people of Movitel.

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