Telemor gives presents on International Children's day June 1

post 09.03.2015 of VTG news

On the occasion of the International Children’s Day, June 1, 2014, Viettel Timor (Telemor) organized a meeting and gave presents to children who were sons and daughters of the Company’s employees with a wish that they would be healthy, growing up, learning well, grasp knowledge to contribute to the construction of the country.

In the same day, Telemor’s staffs visited 2 villages: Xamalete and Deleco in Ermera district to give presents to children in these places. These are poor locations where the children are facing difficulties and haven’t got any chance to receive presents. Telemor brought here small and meaningful presents to give children: books, pens, toys, cake and candy. The kids were very happy receiving presents from Telemor, many said that this was the first time they had known about the International Children’s Day and received presents.

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