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post 15.03.2015 of Brand Corner

Brand name

Bitel brand name inspired by two colors on Peru flag and watchword of Peruvian when they participate in national event. The name also means: bi = 2 = operator + customers, express concerns and the two-way dialogue between company and customers.



The logo consists of the name Bitel, B icon and company's slogan. Symbol B is inspired by idea of flying Peru flag. Two bubbles make the letter B, express telecommunications, communication. The entire logo is used a simple font, express intimacy, reliable. Icon B is emphasized in the logo, because B can be interpreted as "Bi" in Spanish meaning "double, pair," it also express conversation, show interest, respect, and two-way full dialog between Bitel and customer.

The main color of Bitel is yellow, it is the color of Inca culture, the sun and gold. Yellow brings meaning of optimism, hope, and good luck, happiness - the sun color.


Bitel service is for all customers, regardless distant and income.


Slogan of Bitel is “Always listen to your”. Slogan shows clear meaning of Caring. Bitel will always listen to customer, care and supply the best service. The verb “listen" is remind of telecommunications service of Bitel. 

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