Unitel - Brand Conner

post 15.03.2015 of Brand Corner

Brand name

“Uni” is extracted from the word “United” – which has similar meaning to solidarity. This is a social value highly respected by Laotian people. Unitel is created as a telecom network to connect the Laotian and bring them a better life.


The symbol of logo is 2 interlocking U, expressed solidarity and consistency with brand positioning. This image also expresses image of a flying butterfly, containing the dynamics and enthusiasm of a new telecommunications network with the desire to provide telecommunications services to everywhere. Orange color is chosen because it is the color of fresh, dynamic and modern-the color represents a dynamic telecommunications network


Unitel's message - "Brighter" implies bring a brighter life for the people of Laos, Unitel is the network provides telecommunications services to all parts of the country.