Natcom - Brand Conner

post 15.03.2015 of Brand Corner

Brand name

“Natcom” composes of two words “National” and “Communication”, meaning the National Telecommunications Company. It implies that Natcom is a network of the Haitian people and is committed to serve the people of Haitian.

As a national operator, Natcom provides the best products and services to bring people closer together as well as bring solidarity and unity to Haitians.


The logo consists of the brand name: NATCOM with stylized letter O andcompany slogan

The entire logo is used normal font with friendly, close feeling. The symbol O is pressed in the company logo, the rolling waved in the letter O are gathered into a unified whole, emphasizing the idea of ​​"Reunity". The waves also represents the relationship, the communication methods of NATCOM - the only company that offers a full methods of communication: Internet, home phone, moblie .... At the same time, it shows extension of Haiti to the whole world.


Message from NATCOM - "One Haiti, One Network" – NATCOM is national company and the only real, supporters of the united nations. As a national company, NATCOM will bring unity for Haiti people – it is leading company, providing confidence for people with long-term commitment and the best service to help people keep close contact with each other. The appearance of NATCOM will bring power to people.