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post 15.03.2015 of Brand Corner

Brand Name

The brand name “Telemor” is a combination of the word “telecommunications” and “more” – implying a telecom operator that always try to develop and provide Timor Leste people with creative services and the best benefit.

“Telemor” is pronounced similarly to the word “Timor” and “Amor” – which means “love” in local Tetun language. This creates a close relationship between the brand name and Timor Leste country.


The logo consists of the brand name with stylized letter O and company's slogan. The entire logo is used normal, italics fonts. It expresses intimacy, reliable. Telemor main color is yellow, it recalls the hardships and difficulties of Timor’s colonial period. So Telemor reaffirmed their commitment to become a creative telecommunications company, bring the very best to customers and to Timor country


Message from Telemor - "Be more" - Telemor will always cherish customer, bring the best service. Along with the emergence of a new mobile network Telemor, customers use mobile services will get more benefits. Telemor has nationwide coverage network so customers can easy to find what they need in Telemor.

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