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post 03.11.2017 of Brand Corner

Brand name:

The brand name Halotel comprises of Halo and Telecom. The meaning of the name Halotel is about the light of the sun.

Halotel also implies bringing a brighter future for the people and country of Tanzania.. Where there is light, there is hope – Halotel brings hope to the people of Tanzania.





The logo of Halotel includes name Halotel and the letter O, which is stylized like rays of lights around the sun with the meaning of the brighter future. Logo also implies the telecom services will be spreaded to every Tanzanian national wide.

The font used is simple, yet friendly and trustworthy.

The color of the brand is Orange, representing the sunlight, power and prosperity.



Service of Halotel is for all customers, whether they are in the urban or remote areas, whether they are rich or poor, they will always find the best services tailored for them at Halotel. With the emergence of a new mobile network – Halotel, customers also can receive more benefits. Halotel have the largest coverage and the sales distribution system that make the services available to customer wherever they need.

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